eCrater Store Sellers Can Now Earn Adsense Revenue

eCrater say that, in most cases, sellers will receive 100% of the revenue coming from store pages and eCrater will receive the revenue coming from seller pages displayed in the main marketplace. Sensibly, eCrater says sellers will be able to filter out any specific competitive ads if they wish to.

To participate sellers must have at least 5 active products in their eCrater store. Sellers products must be compliant with Google AdSense standard policies although, if only some products are not compliant, a sellers can still participate although Google AdSense ads will only appear on pages that are fully compliant.

Sellers sourcing products from affiliate, cataloged or dropshipping programs are excluded. Participation is also restricted if stores become inactive for more than 60 days, listings appear in non specific product categories, if no product image is uploaded or a sellers does not enable payment by Paypal or Google Checkout.

eCrater has already proved itself as a reliable and well established free listing and free sales solution for web sellers and this move means it is not only disaffected eBay sellers likey to be attracted but those of fee charging competitors such as eBid or Bonanza.

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